Send and receive texts on your computer with web browser,
Just like on your Android phone.
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Online Android SMS Tool for manipulating SMS on your Android phone and online SMS service.

Android SMS

Sending and reading your Android phone's text message on your lovely Chrome, Firefox, Safari browser, not leaving your working computer. Get text message notification on your computer, without checking your Android phone.

Online SMS

Sending group text messages to your friends through online SMS service, not from your own mobile phone easily and cheaply. Save your phone's battery and not reveal your own mobile numnber.

Scheduled SMS

Manage your group contacts and type your text message on your large keyboard freely. You can even assign the delivery date time in future to make your group sms effectively.


Versatile Android text message tool to manipulate your text on your lovely computer web browser on any devices.

Link client app installed on your Android phone links your Android text messages with your lovely web browsers on any devices.


Online SMS service is cheap and convinient to your global audiences, even your Android phone is powered off. Hide your mobile phone number and avoid mobile vendor blacklist.


Prepare your group sms in advance and then servie will help you to send them out in desired date time through your Android phone or Online SMS service.


Get notification on your desktop Windows/Mackbook about new text message from your friend, without checking your phone in your bag.


Sync with your Android phone to get full text messages online; Sync your Google Contacts easily; All messages are saved online safely and you can check at home and in your office freely, even your phone is not on hand.


Access your Android phone's text messages from popular Chrome, Firefox, Safari browsers on different platforms, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Pads, etc.,.

Usage can help you in many aspects.

  • 1.

    Register/Login with your email

    Register with your own email name and confirm the verificaiton link in your email to get a free account of!

  • 2.

    Install Android App and scan to login

    Visit Google Play or Download the APK file directly with your Android phone and install it, then grant all permissions to it. Click Log In button in the App and scan 2D bar code to pair it with service.

  • 3.

    Upload your Google Contacts

    To enjoy your all contacts book, export your Google Contacts CSV file and upload to contacts!

  • 4.

    Send SMS through your Android or Online Vendor

    Send and Receive your Android phone's SMS on applicaiton free. You can also send group SMS through online service instead of your phone. Especially, on both modes, you can send SMS to all of your friends in group SMS mode!

  • 5.

    Schedule SMS through your Android or Online Vendor

    Assign a date time in future and let to help you send out group SMS automatically, just schedule them on!

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Install client applicaion on your Android phone, then you can enjoy the excellent Online SMS service on your browsers.

1. Install Android App

Get it on Google Play or Download APK and install it into your Android phone. Remeber to grant all permissions as screen tips to make it work well.

Android APK

2. Open in Web Browsers

Use your favorite browsers to open and enjoy Online bulk SMS sending on your PC/Mac/Linux desktops.

Web App Login

3. Enjoy Online SMS

Sync your google contacts and enjoy online group SMS sending and receiving through Android or online SMS. Scheduling date time is supported when sending bulk SMS.

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