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FreeTextSMS is a web-based online SMS/Text Message application paired with your Android phone. Also it supports online SMS service - sending group SMS through mobile vendro to global audiences instead of your Android phone.

  • Link your Android SMS with your browser, such as Chrome/FireFox/Safari on any devices.
  • Supports Group Contacts management.
  • Send online group SMS to your friends through online SMS vendor, even your phone is powered off.
  • Supports scheduled SMS in future data time automatically.
  • ...

Getting powers from larger keyboard and larger screen

Annoyed with typing on small virtual buttons of touching screen and small fonts on your phone, web application is an convenient tool for you. It gives you a true keyboard typing experience and large screen to edit your text message comfortably. Main screen of web applicaiton

Remote access your phone client applicaton installed on your Android phone works in background and consumes very litter power, but provides very powerful functions. It will notify your new incoming SMS promptly on your web browser. Even you have left your phone at home, you can also read and send SMS on your working browser remotely.

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