Import Contacts

1. How to Import Google Contacts

If you have Google account, I suggest you to export your Google Contacts into your phone and then upload to contacts page. Then you can enjoy composing new SMS with contacts as you do on your Android phone.

See Help on Export or back up Google contacts.

2. Export Google Contacts

Click Export button in Google Contacts and export your all contacts as Google CSV format. For example, you can get the file as contacts.csv in the download folder.

Export Google CSV

3. Upload Google Contacts

Upload above contacts.csv file into Settings page.

  1. Click Select File button to choose contacts.csv
  2. Click Upload Google Contacts CSV button below to upload it to server

Upload Google Contacts CSV

4. Compose New SMS with Contacts

You can click the right dialogue bubble icon to compose new SMS for some contact:

Contacts List

Especially, you can type part of name or phone number to search out them:

Compose New SMS

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