Hardwares and Softwares

1. Hardwares

After FreeTextSMS.net Client App is installed into your Android phone, you can manipulate your Android SMS on your favorate Chrome/FireFox/Safari browsers on any devices, such as Windows PC, MacBook, Linux PC, all kinds of Pads etc.,.

FreeTextSMS.net supports following hardware platforms:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux PC
  • All kinds of Pads
  • Other devices with Chrome/FireFox/Safari browsers

2. Softwares

FreeTextSMS.net recommends Chrome browser to link your Android phone's SMS function. Of course, FireFox and Safari are all works also.

FreeTextSMS.net supports following softwares:

  • Android
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Mozilla FireFox browser
  • Apple Safari browser
  • Other standard browsers

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